The climate grasped the art gallery, the rich variety of true antiques. rare and curious objects, fine and mysterious. Classic or eccentric. In Milan, at 15 Via Santo Spirito, Montenapoleone bar are almost astonishing "Wunderkammer": that is the environment, the very seat of beauty and originality, set up with the taste of a wise exposure. Among the Depero, the Sironi and the De Pisis, there is the silver vintage airplane, there is the strange fan of yesteryear; or the nineteenth century French bagatelle, a kind of pinball ancestor: where the ball slides down between the silver nails, and wins if guesses the location and the hole. Arcana chests, furniture deco, ancient board games: cards, dice, the lot, the yellowed goose cartons, with the classic spiral journey of the popular symbols. For each object a story, a story, an unusual background.
Between baroque and vintage, craft, art and design and current copyright, it's all a 'walk through time. old days, lost and found, thanks to the passionate and tenacious curiosity Antonella Bensi. Antonella is born in Florence, home to Universal every aesthetic value. He reads and studies a lot, enchanted by the beauty in all its forms. In Rome, thanks to the collaboration with directors like Gillo Pontecorvo, is soon enchanted by the lights of Cinecittą and the "seventh art."
But it is the ancient art his reason for living: thus, between Milan and London, undertook new research, with a traveling collecting prototypes, beginning from silver. "I buy and sell", she says very soberly about herself. But the 'most vital interest goes far beyond trade: and it is the worship of all that is precious, rare, special. Beautiful. Always exposed with generous tasteful attention of collectors, specialists and visitors, welcome in store with friendly cordiality.

Gianluca Caffarena

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