"Bad" "Bad"
  "Big tabby sleeping cat" "Big tabby sleeping cat"
  "Big white" "Big white"
  "Black glass little snarling" "Black glass little snarling"
  "Black jar" "Black jar"
  "Black tail" "Black tail"
  "Bronze with reliefed flowers" "Bronze with reliefed flowers"
  "Carved red wood" "Carved red wood"
  "Cat bombonnière" "Cat bombonnière"
  "Couple of book-stand" "Couple of book-stand"
  "Couple of little chineses" "Couple of little chineses"
  "Couple of money-box" "Couple of money-box"
  "Crouched coloured" "Crouched coloured"
  "Curious couple" "Curious couple"
  "Dark green Murrina" "Dark green Murrina"
  "English couple" "English couple"
  "Flower-holder pink flock" "Flower-holder pink flock"
  "Geen salt-cellar" "Geen salt-cellar"
  "Green tooth-pick-holder" "Green tooth-pick-holder"
  "Grey and beige" "Grey and beige"
  "Iced smiling" "Iced smiling"
  "Iron couple" "Iron couple"
  "Light Green Murrina" "Light Green Murrina"
  "Littleone with pink clew" "Littleone with pink clew"
  "Maybe he wants to play" "Maybe he wants to play"
  "Peaceable salt-cellar" "Peaceable salt-cellar"
  "Pearly salt-cellar" "Pearly salt-cellar"
  "Pencil sharpener" "Pencil sharpener"
  "Pink ice" "Pink ice"
  "Remeind me Toli" "Remeind me Toli"
  "Rubber cat" "Rubber cat"
  "Silver eyes" "Silver eyes"
  "Stone on pedestal" "Stone on pedestal"
  "Striped made in URSS" "Striped made in URSS"
  "Tabby with small ball" "Tabby with small ball"
  "Teapot with mouse on back" "Teapot with mouse on back"
  "The most antique" "The most antique"
  "Three glass cats" "Three glass cats"
  "Three pieces glass" "Three pieces glass"
  "Three pieces of wood" "Three pieces of wood"
  "Three porcelain" "Three porcelain"
  "Three silver" "Three silver"
  "Tiny glass" "Tiny glass"
  "To purr" "To purr"
  "Transparent" "Transparent"
  "Tree and pink flock" "Tree and pink flock"
  "Two black cats" "Two black cats"
  "Two glass" "Two glass"
  "Very sweet" "Very sweet"
  "White Futurist" "White Futurist"
  "White painted stone" "White painted stone"
  "White tooth-pick-holder" "White tooth-pick-holder"
  "White with jug" "White with jug"
  "White, little bottle for perfume" "White, little bottle for perfume"
  "Yellow egg-cup" "Yellow egg-cup"
  "Yellow whistle" "Yellow whistle"
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